Friday 20 December 2013

Transformers Legends/Mobage Rip Off!

This is a little off topic but is really 'grinding my gears'. Transformers Legends is a mobile game which I play on Android (I believe it is also available for iOS devices). It is a trading card game based in the Transformers universe. The idea of the game is to assemble a virtual 'deck' of virtual 'cards' representing various Transformers characters. All good, up to this point. It is an enjoyable casual game which doesn't demand a very large time commitment, and is easy to play and put down. As with any 'free' mobile game the publisher has decided to make a living from micro-transactions within the game. Again nothing strange here, except when we come to the prices..

Oh look, a chance to buy a high spec card at a reduced price!
Yes, we all know who Megatron is, this sounds good!

Ah, we need 6000 'Mobacoin' to buy the cards, that's ok, the game is enjoyable, lets support the developer this time.
WHAT THE! £39.99 and I won't even have enough 'Mobacoin'??? That's right, over £40 for 3 DIGITAL trading cards!

I can't be the only one who thinks this is utterly ridiculous, such a large amount of money for 3 pieces of digital artwork. I can only hope that any parents who let their children use this game have not left their payment details on the device inadvertently! 

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